A: We are proud to say that we are an "assembler". This just simply means we choose the best equipment from the best manufacturers to custom build our filters and equipment. Being an "assembler" rather than a franchise of a parent company is very beneficial to our customers since we are not pigeon-holed into using an entire line from one manufacturer.

Q: A lot of water treatment companies sell one particular brand of water filter, who manufactures the equipment you sell?

A: Warranty information will be provided upon request. Contact Us.

Q: What kind of warranty does each system carry?

A: Yes, we offer a basic water test of minerals. The test includes pH, iron, manganese, hardness, and Total Dissolved Solids. We also look for sediment and iron bacteria. Contact us so that we can put you in touch with your closest Filter Tech, Inc dealer for a sample bottle and instructions on how to proceed. You can also contact your local County Extension Agent for an extended water test performed by a state agency. Call Filter Tech for water testing prices.
If you need a specific test not offered by Filter Tech, Inc or your local Extension Service, we suggest using University of Georgia, Soil, Plant, and Water Laboratory Testing Department.. They can be contacted at 706-542-7690 or http://aesl.ces.uga.edu


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want a filter, but I don't know what I need. Do you test water?